BY indefiniteloop

“Dead eyes that look tired. No fire, no flame dwells within. Nor does the spark of life. Someone has died a thousand suns over, to gain them; dead man eyes. No hope, no faith on trust. Nothing to trust but ashes. Ashes formed, and now snowing out of a self-immolating pyromaniac’s burning spree. Nothing those eyes see, can be perceived as anything other than death. A blindness acquired then, through living in darkness beneath the light; through letting go of the heavy light, for the acceptance of home. Home, where all things would eventually find themselves; sooner or later. Those eyes, a reminder of finding home sooner than later. Dead eyes that shroud the naïvetés of a fool. No future, no time dwells within. Nor do the moments that are now ever gone. Someone has lived a thousands suns over, to gain them; dead man eyes.” -

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