BY indefiniteloop

“It’s a dance. And, every one dances. Some are really good with keeping up with the rhythm, others are good with keeping up with the melody. Everyone crawls. Everyone runs. Fast or slow, it doesn’t matter. Everyone walks. We’ve our own paths. And, we’re all lost. We’ve all had to climb, scale, and destroy mountains. We’ve all had to part the waters before reaching the other side. We’ve all had to burn more than one bridges. We’ve all had to dig the lengths of the earth with our nails, clawing to come out on the brighter side or the colder side. The thing is, we keep on moving. We keep on changing. We keep on adapting, and evolving. We keep on charging; even if charging means crawling. And, we keep on moving. Somehow. We keep on dancing. The song, this song, it never ends; it’ll never end. Until long after we’re but dust scattered around the stars; those which we so yearningly wished upon. The source of the song is unclear. But, it does exist. Out there some where. Playing this tune, that keeps us moving. Playing the tune that’s keeps on pushing. Playing a tune, that keeps on bringing home tomorrows. A melancholic tune, that is an endless supply of hopes, dreams, wishes, and love. So, let’s dance a little. “ -

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