BY indefiniteloop

“Clothes don’t last forever. Sometimes they get torn, even when adorned. Sometimes they come apart at the seams; that, without any warning, when you’re taking a stroll. Doesn’t matter what colour, make, label, and fit they provide. In the end, they’re all the same; made out of the same hide. Some are well washed than others, some are well made, some offer protection, some offer ventilation, some are well maintained, and some are left to burn. Then, some are only worn on occasions, some are worn everyday, some are never worn, and some are thrown astray. I wonder if we ever had the opportunity of being lost, with torn clothes; with no change of clothes available, while trying to find a path back home, and while rediscovering our ways? I wonder if we’ve ever woken up one day, only to realise how misfitting are our clothes. Or is it that we’re all blind when it comes to realising their grotesque shapes, and sizes; for the ones we adore? Clothes, they don’t last forever. We should find our own skins more lasting, quite fitting, and comfortable; that, wherever, and whenever. “ -

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