BY indefiniteloop

“The void is always there. Within you, within all of us. All of us bear the mark of those pointy fingers, and those ashen cigarette burns. A point in time comes, when each of us realize we are ships. Different, yet the same. Flaky, at best, over calm waters. Some submerge, and become one with the flow. Others find new harbors. It’s not the shipyard we desire the most. It’s the crew-mates. Most of us, are still looking for a harbor, looking for crews. Looking for someone, to hold the sails through salty waters. Hands, to bail out the rain. Instead, most of us bail out. Sink or swim, we are captains of our own ships.” -

I wrote this, as a reply to someone else’s post/note. I think we are all searching for them crew mates, or comrades. To be more precise we are searching for bonds, and not lands.We are all searching for a sense of belonging, or to belong.

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