BY indefiniteloop

“It’s second skin, to judge. To make an impression out of that book cover, for all the words written within; that, without reading what’s been actually penned. That, also, without understanding the reasons, motivations, perceptions, and the history of the published work, and its author. How do you imply, and assign a deeper meaning to yourself? How do you make sure that everyone that matters, does perceive you just the way you’re or a part of who you are? I am guilty as charged, of judging people, authors, and books only too fast, which often has led me on to burning bridges - not a pleasant place to be. The more I’ve ventured out, the more I’ve listened to people around me, the more I’ve read has translated into a mirror of self-reflection. A mirror which often questions my perceptions, and prejudices about the people around me, the books I’ve given away without turning a page, and my ability to understand the author’s point of view, and relate to the people around me; leading me further to change my views, or discard them entirely. How can I judge someone, in a universe where everything is bound by change, by chaos, and movement? How can I understand words in a book, by judging only its cover? I can’t. I can only judge myself. I can only read the books before I decide not to, at this time; maybe later I would change my mind again, and read them. But, I cannot reach beyond burned bridges.” -

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