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A closed door behind us translates into us moving forward in the direction of our choice that was made by us for ourselves while thinking about obtaining something that was missing from somewhere within and thus we start on our new adventures then and thus days come and go over the horizon where we laid our eyes to rest like that sun in that sunset we never could see but beyond which we could see the other dimmer stars that lay beyond and still without our palm’s grasp with our hands extended towards the very same horizon that has been taken for granted over and over again and the distances are just ever felt unjustified but for those forgotten responsibilities that linger within that outstretched arms’ forearm after distilling through the heads that still somehow manage to peer through the clouds which only lead to murkier judgements and decisions still and still there remains ways to go until the dimmer stars become brighter and brighter until we are enveloped by the same darkness we carry within us making us one with our maker. - by

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