BY indefiniteloop

“Left up to my own devices, I become a genius. The things that I can achieve baffle me first, and most of all. No, the IQ remains the same. And No, I am not being arrogant here. Rather being thoughtful of my actions, and work - something that brings out the best in me. With that being said, there’s not much that leaves me to do the things that make me a genius. Whether that is for the better, or not is something I want to find out. What I can’t figure out is how do I go about leaving everything, every little thing that I know, and have known, behind. Sure, I do make plans for leaving, for good, but there’s alway’s something, or somethings that hold onto my feet. I haven’t figured out what the something(s) is, but I know it’s not fear. I think it may be related to finishing something else that I may have started. Again what that unfinished business is, I do not know. What I know is that I will have to patient, and wait for it to come to me.” -

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