BY indefiniteloop

“You, and I are Bamboos, in the wild. Usually straight, but we will bend when required so. Strong, yet unaware of our strengths, or weaknesses for that matter. We may seem hollow from time to time but, there’s life within us, there exists all that nourishes, within us. The length of each of us, is what separates us, and it’s the same length that brings us together. We build the scaffoldings that surround our own creation. Creation of our own societies, guilds, religions, multitude of faiths, customs, and traditions. We are Bamboos in the wild, tied together with wet twine, and 6 degrees separate thus.” -

The above verse was inspired by a recent photograph I made. I was out, taking a walk around the street where I live, with my camera, and I saw an old building. It was surrounded by bamboo scaffoldings. And this thought just passed through my mind. And as someone somewhere once said, “…select one to be thoroughly digested that day…”, and thus this thought was digested, in more ways than one. The photograph is embedded below.

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