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“That is that. This is this. You are you. We are us. Simple words, but they hardly ever completely convey the message. There are many amongst us who want to be you, who want to be like Him; never like themselves. Somehow the idea of settling down in our own skins is an alien concept to a lot of us. We fight every day; each, and every day with ourselves, trying to mould ourselves into something we may never fit into. What exactly is that we’re trying to achieve by doing that? Nor harmony, neither hegemony over oneself exist in conforming, in giving up, and in fighting for a purpose that never really existed but was created to achieve something that in the end we’ll never want. What the hell are we doing? Are we there yet?” -

“Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve. “ - Erich Fromm.

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