BY indefiniteloop

“The city I live in is so dynamic, so accepting, so full, so unforgiving, so rigid - so much so that I now feel it’s changed from what I knew of it. I keep looking for things or signs that I can relate to, over here. And, it keeps changing; keeps on running away from something, keeps playing games of cruel hide, and seek. My heart simply is not able to recognise or accept it the way it is now. There’s no charm, warmth or value that I can find here. There’re just destinations, addresses, shops, and lanes here; and, that’s it. When I wear a tourist’s hat, and try to re-discover this city, it only reinforces its changed nature. Whether or not this all can be deemed as ‘evolution’, is something that deceives me because, I don’t understand what has changed or if anything has. Ultimately so, I’ve come to terms that I can no longer relate to it, like I used to; even though I know for a fact that I’ve changed - without or with it, is something that I don’t think matters. What matters is that every time I come back home, is when I can hear a murmur of sorts from it. As if it’s ailing from something, and is in the last throes of its prime. Or just maybe, that’s me. “ -

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