BY indefiniteloop

“They buzz through you. Some of them, known to you. While the others, they escape without even the hint of their existence within you. A second is more than a lifetime, for the most of them. They wink out, like the stars. Here, then no more. It’s said that the ones that keep you are the ones that call the proverbial tip of the iceberg their home. They seduce causality, every nano second. Most of us on the other hand tend to blink at them, instead of accepting, and understanding them. We let them pass with excuses. What would happen if you could take one thought a day, everyday, and make it your own? I want to do that. A thought a day, everyday; I want to take one thought with me, put more thoughts behind the one I decided to hold the hands of, and keep with it. By the end of the day, write down everything I know of that thought; the whys, the whats, and the hows. Then see it for what it is, more clearly than before. Pay mind to whatever crosses mine.” -

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