BY indefiniteloop

“She never wanted to talk about that kiss that led to something warmer that day when all seemed gloomy like the abyss that keeps taking from you even if you keep looking at it expecting it to stare back at you but never find an acknowledgement for any of your existences and you never hear a call from it to jump within it so that it may accept you and at least validate you and hold you and accept you and that kiss did let me forsake the abyss in all of its glory and had me turn around to acknowledge her lips instead and transpose the abyss that I was staring at onto those red red lips of her’s and she wanted me to be lost within them but at the same time she too was apprehensive of validating my existence through my lips as if the abyss had spoken to her behind my back but both her and the abyss did not know that her one kiss was enough fuel for a lifetime of existences and experiences that I still wanted to have and behold and her kiss made it possible for me to have the courage to give it all up and to forsake and let go of her just like she made me forsake the abyss itself when the I was searching for myself within it knowing full well I wouldn’t find anything there but her one kiss had me drawing a start line again in the sand and then had me take one step in front of another so that I may end up somewhere else and so that I may end up staring at yet another abyss that validated the entireties of mine.” —

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