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Workspaces and Desks, have always inspired awe, within me. For a long time now, I’ve been thinking of doing something within the scope of “Work spaces and desks”. About a month ago, I registerted the domain - At that point in time, I did not know, what to do with it. As the domain name and idea festered, clarity dawned. I registered on instagram as workingspace and, hooked up the blog to the instagram account.

On Instagram, using workingspace, I search and ask others to let me repost photos of their workspace, desks and working environments. Everyone, till today has said a yes! All the photographs, of all those working spaces, desks and, environments, on, are of and, from real people.

Wanting to take this one step forward, I wanted to find, write and, publish stories. Stories about workspaces, desks and working environments of others. While keeping that in mind, guidelines about the posts needed to be established.

  • No story submitted, get’s not published.
  • The term working space, means a lot of things. For e.g. it can be a desk, lunch tables, cafes, tea stalls, and so on. It’s not just limited to desks, or rooms or whatever. Whatever you work space story, it will be published!


Because, it tells your story! It tell’s your story to me, if not anyone else. It inspires me, holds me in awe. And I want to share stories that inspire, your stories.

The first work space story, published.

Once those guidelines were in place, and I knew what is going to be like, I sent a message to John Saddington, asking him if he could possibly help fill out a questionnaire for me, based on which I would write and, publish a post/story on his working space and working environment.

As they say, the rest is history!

The first workspace story, the story of John’s working space and environment, has been published today!

Go read it! and/or Share your working space story.

PS: If any of you would like me to publish yours, too, Click here and fill the form up. That’s all it takes.

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