Read articles with context using, without navigating away from the article you're reading.

BY indefiniteloop

An awesome, new webapp - lets you read articles with context.

Contextually scans the article for people, terms, and things to create context. The user experience is great, doesn’t get in the way of your reading. It list’s all of them in a neat little sidebar to the left. Hovering on an item, then makes a call to wikipedia, fetching relevant information about people, places, animals, and things found in an article. This comes in very, very handy when you’re researching a topic, or want to learn about a topic. lets you read articles with context lets you read articles with context

On the flip side, it’s still in beta. And as such, I’ve had some trouble with it fetching the wrong context for many terms, and things. Have a look at the below screenshot for an example of the wrong context being pulled up. For some other words or terms, it doesn’t fetch anything from wikipedia. I also think that just fetching context from wikipedia alone may not be enough. Most names or people mentioned in an article or post, may not have a wikipedia page (I mean, I don’t have a wikipedia profile yet :P). lets you read articles with context
Something seems off... no?

Personally, I’d like to see some more options to fetch context from - like for e.g Facebook could be a great resource to fetch profiles of people mentioned within a post, etc.

With that being said, it does come in very handy. Especially when I am reading scientific journals, news, etc. It’s really great to have the correct context shown, right there, while reading an article or journal. I think, if apps like Feedly, and Flipboard can somehow manage to integrate this within, allowing us to fetch the context of keywords, people, terms, etc without having to navigate to a webpage, or open a browser window, that’d be totally awesome, no?

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