It is brilliant how language affects life experiences, and how life experiences evolve then to change the language itself. This TED talk talks about how love, and metaphors relate to each other, explain the experiences we all go through with love, and then how language creates the experience of being in love for us, by providing expectations through these same metaphors. Take out 20 minutes today, and watch this video.

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Love — It’s one of the most heatedly debated topics across all the oceans in this world, apart from it being the most warranted, and wanted concoction of emotions there exists, to get drunk on. And, that is not something new at all. It has been written about, spoken about (much like the very interesting video this post is about), and fantasized about since the dawn of relationships in general. Of course, then there’s this fact that almost every one of us has fallen in love at the least once in our lives; requited or otherwise.

I strongly believe that the culture, and tradition around the place we’ve grown up in, it affects how we approach the subject of romantic love. It also affects how we profess it, relate to it, share it, talk about it, and feel it. Though the way our bodies, and mind re-act to it, are the same across the globe.

Mandy Len Catron: A Better Way To Talk About Love

Last week, a couple of friends, and I were discussing marriage, love, and all that those two words entail in context to individual behaviors, and well… our personal perceptions involving both, marriage, and love. Once I got back home, one of them two (you know who you’re - thank you for this one), forwarded this link of a TED Talk over to me. I watched it, and I highly recommend that anyone in love or not, should watch it too. Spare the 20 mins or so, and watch this video.

Mandy Len Catron: A Better Way To Talk About Love - Take a break of 20 minutes, and watch this.

Mandy Len Catron starts with how obnoxious are the words that we use when we talk about being in love, or rather falling in love; metaphors all. She takes all these words that the western literates have used over the course of history, and in different spheres of it, to describe the act of feeling romantic love. She talks about her own perceptions of it, when she was young. And somehow, I doubt that there will be anyone who cannot relate to what she’s discovered.

My favorite part of it is when she talks about the correlation of the experience of romantic love with language, how some cultures use language (specifically metaphors) to reinforce the idea of love, and goes on to accurately point out that it’s a feedback loop of feelings of madness, and the powerful experience that it is.

Though I did not like taking the idea of love, and then making it into some form of a collaborative institution that would closely resemble a corporate entity at some point down the line, in the future. Where I agree with her, is the point that she makes about stepping into love, rather than falling into love. Then, being in love would be easier, if nothing else. With that being said, I definitely would recommend this video to everyone.

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