From slides to tests, has everything you need to start hacking that kernel. And, all of it is free.

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Slides, over hundred of hours of lectures on video, and sample exams is what is full of of. If ever you’ve wanted to learn more about how Operating Systems (Systems programming mainly) work, is an excellent resource to do just that. It includes everything you will need to get your hands dirty with operating systems, and hacking kernels. It is all free, and the only requirement is that you need an internet connection to be able use the resources here. - resource to learn operating systems, and systems programming has everything you need to get into kernel, and operating system programming. is a rabbit hole you want to jump into. It’s brilliantly laid out with all the required materials that enable you to make your own OS. And, that’s sick!

It’s also a great option to use when you’re teaching Systems programming, while using it as one of the good OS guides available to everyone. also features exam sheets from previous exams, courses (incase you’d like to take one along with the off-line ones), assignments, and a very active discussion board that is open for use to everyone, everywhere.

It also hosts a brilliant testing tool - test151 that allows you to test your assignments locally, and then submit them for remote evaluations.

There are playlists of videos lectures available on Youtube, incase you wouldn’t want to watch it online on the website itself or if would like to notified of any new video lectures, etc. there’s a lecture feed that you can subscribe to.

The quality of lectures or video tutorials is nothing out of the ordinary. Most of them are recordings of off-line classes on OSs. And, they’re equally well received, informative, and deliver what they set out to do.

Definitely worth your bookmark, and your time if you’re interested in learning how to write your own operating system and/or what goes into the making of one.

Learn How To Make Your Own Operating System

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