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Sometimes my work becomes more like a combination of photography, and art. Some other times, it’s straight off from the film camera(s). I get queries on how-to do certain things or achieve certain results for/with certain photographs. And, since I love teaching, I end up with explaining how-to get similar results, like a photograph ‘Q’ in question. Most often than not though, I fail to convey some fundamentals or write off a complex workflow simply because she is not ready to learn it. In other cases, I fail to explain what I meant to; this is more truer for the basic stuff, and retouching workflows.

Thus in a quest to have something handy to fork out, for times when I either volunteered to teach photography or am / was asked to teach what I know of the subject, I stumbled upon a great photography resource that helps me, and others at the same time. A one photographic resource to rule them all.

Cambridge in Colour: An Awesome Resource For Learning Photography, And Its Various Processes.

Cambridge in Colour is one of the best resources online for learning anything pertaining to Photography. It teaches better than I or anyone else could, where photographic fundamentals, and creative usage are concerned. From how to use a camera (of any type) to how to post produce photographs, Cambridge in Colour has everything an amatuer photographer or a hobbyist would need to understand, and use light to make great photographs. Though that doesn’t mean that it is devoid of advanced topics. It does have articles, and posts that I look up too (like the one embedded below). It is a great resource to learn more about our commonly favorite subject, irrespective of our experience or photographic level or stats. And, of course it is a free resource.

Cambridge in Colour - A Learning Community for Photographers
Cambridge in Colour: A Learning Community for Photographers

It has now become second nature to dole out the link to Cambridge in Colour, instead of volunteering to teach things myself. I instead ask people to learn from there, and then if they have any questions, I make myself available then. Some people have even come back, and given me a verbal review of the site being great for learning all sorts of things. That’s another reason that I thought of sharing it as a resource here on this blog.

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