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I am happy to introduce you guys to Minelienda. A free, minimalistic, full width, fluid grid, responsive tumblr theme.

Minelienda started as something personal to use for my blogs. I have several blogs on tumblr, all started recently when I switched over from designerfoo™ to Read more about that here.

While hunting for themes, both free and premium, I was unable to find one that offered me everything I needed for all of my new blogs on tumblr. That’s when I decided to create a theme that could offer me what I needed.

The result is Minelienda.


  1. 500px and Instagram integration.
  2. Minimalistic, even with every feature turned on.
  3. A sidebar for some of my blogs.
  4. Blogs I Follow and Posts I like for my primary blog.
  5. For some blogs I wanted the theme to not have anything but the content.
  6. For some blogs I wanted a content slider, which allowed me to either highlight content on the same blog or any other site/blog I would like to bring to the attention of my readers.
  7. I needed some of the text posts to have a fullwidth image at the top of the post.
  8. The theme would be consistent in terms of look and feel even with/without the sidebar and/or the footer area and/or the content slider and across all devices.
  9. Tag based navigation on some blogs.
  10. Easy to add custom content into the sidebar.
  11. Full and fluid width design.
  12. It would be consistent but somehow yet different.
  13. Code highlighting.
  14. More about the features here.

I use it on all my blogs:

  6. and some more.

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