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I love applications that let you write. Without fuss. I have tried almost all of the most noted ones out there. Including but not limited to OmmWriter Dana II, Writer Pro, Ulysses, Daedalus Touch and now Out of all of the ones mentioned here and then some, only two really made a “dent” in my writing and the motivations to do so.

OmmWriter Dana II started it all for me. A writer that lets you focus, removes all distractions. I first used it to write poems, short letters that were never sent and then some posts that were never published. It really let me do the writing. But only for a short time. There were distractions about and the music that the app plays, at some point started getting to my nerves. From this point on the search for an app that would let me write and focus on the writing along with the abundance of distractions around me became a short obsession for some time.

This is how I stumbled upon Daedalus Touch. It’s one of the best apps for writing I have come across. Daedalus Touch and Ulysses work with each other and that itself is awesome. I can write on the go. I have a lot of thoughts when I travel, when I am out and about or simply just lazing around. I have always have my phone around precisely for this reason, that I can pop open Daedalus Touch anytime and jot it down. Daedalus Touch allows me write these down without giving anything a second thought. Then when I get back home and want to refine, publish, or simply just read it, I use Ulysses to do so. Since whatever you write from within Daedalus Touch is available in Ulysses autmagically.

About 2 weeks back I found on the app store. I saw it and instantly fell in love with the idea. I was searching for an app that would now provide me a space to write and publish at the same time. And does exactly that. I love what John has done with the app. I love the entire eco-system built around it. It’s not just an app but an enviroment that John has created.

I got the app. I love the app. I have now changed my writing workflow around All my blog posts now safely recide with Anything and everything else, including books/poems/ideas etc recide with Daedalus Touch and Ulysses. It’s so much simpler to just open and start writing. I would strongly recommend this app to any one who is in search for an app that let’s you write and publish. Just write and publish.

PS: does have some bugs when it comes to publishing on tumblr. I am sure John is working on it.

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