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Where my fitness and health is concerned, the last couple of years have had been a slump. This year I, naturally, started off with the goal of getting fitter and healthier. Four months into this year, and getting in shape has been quite a ride. It’s been slow, but completely worth it. There’s tons more I need to do to get in shape. It does feel awesomely good, to start.

Like everything else, I started off with doing some research. Researching my own habits of eating and being active. Looking up gyms and what nots. What they all have to offer and so on.

Trying to find something that I wouldn’t get bored, easily, of. And of course searching for great many things, all fitness and health related on the Internet. From joining online communities to reading tons of material on Reddit’s1 threads.

One such day, I stumbled on to this little infographic. It’s concise and lists great many other resources that may be of help for others out there. It’s a bit unusual, but amusing at the same time. It’s more of an FAQ based infographic than a complete guide. But hey, don’t let that stop you. I am sure, there is something, in there, that might be of help to you!

The Complete Guide to Looking Great

If you know of any resources like this one, above, do let me know.

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