A great infographic, by Drink Heavy, that tells you everything you ever need to know about the different types of whiskey.

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Umm… so what’s the difference between Scotch, and Bourbon? How does a good Tennessee differ in taste with respect to a good Rye? Do the years matter? What’re the key features of a good Canadian whiskey? Does it really matter what whiskey you’re having?

I am a social drinker ,and I do love whiskey; happily sipping on a good glass of Jim Beam, Talisker, Glenfiddich or Jack Daniels sometimes is a great way to end the day. I love the taste, and flavours that make up a good whiskey.

While browsing reddit, I happened to have stumbled upon this infographic by DrinkHeavy.com, that tells you everything you need to know about your whiskey.

Whiskey 101: Types Of Whiskey by DrinkHeavy

Whiskey 101: Types of Whiskey by DrinkHeavy.com
Whiskey 101: Types of Whiskey by DrinkHeavy.com

Full disclosure: I haven’t tried a Canadian, or an Irish before, and would love to.

If you did like to find out more about your favorite poison, head over to DrinkHeavy.com. They’re definitely doing some good by discovering everything latest that you can drink! They do have some great information on all types, and brands of alcohol(some of the mentions do seem like a must try!), and some caffeine too!

Do check out their Survey of Scotch - another infographic on the whiskies, and distillers of Scotland.

Let’s Talk Whiskey

What’s your type? Do you like it on the rocks, or do you prefer to mix it with cola/soda/water? Which whiskey do you prefer? Do let me know via a tweet or by leaving a comment below! I would love to discuss whiskey!

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