Color is a big part of your online identity. And, it also plays a very vital role of influencing your target market to make the decisions that directly affect the bottomline of your online business. Here's an infographic by Kissmetrics that tells this story.

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An extremely vital component of any design is the color(s) or the lack there of. Color is a big part of an identity, and it either conveys order or it conveys chaos.

This is also very true where a website’s design, UI, and UX are concerned. Color gives meaning to actionable content. It draws the attention of the users or directs their attention to maybe something else entirely. How color is used, and applied in the design is solely a decision based on the designer. With that being said, it still holds true that color, ultimately, could be responsible for online conversation, and conversions.

Color And E-Commerce

A lot of things go into the making of a successful ecommerce story. A good store design, and a UI that offers an easy to use, and an easy-to-get-used-to user experience are just some of the more important things that go into building, and running your online store. There are a lot of things that influence, and help your consumers make a decision to buy or not on your website.

The design, UI, and UX need to be constantly improved, and worked upon. They are the corner stones of a successful online store, and thus it is a fact then that color does play a very significant role in the funneling process of an online store. If used correctly, it greatly impacts conversion rates, and ecommerce on the whole.

Keeping this is mind, the Infographic embedded below gives a great impression of how using different colors affects online purchases, and the decisions made by every prospective consumer. Colors, apart from playing a role in the overall design, also play an important role of psychologically influencing the visitors / users of your website to make the final decision of letting go of their hard earned monies or not. This infographic shows how color psychologically affects this decision making process.

How Do Colors Affect Purchases?
How do colors affect purchases? - by Kissmetrics.

The Infographic not only gives a picture of how different color themes are suited for different types of consumers, it also provides a broader understanding of what color theme suits the best for a type or genre of products. And, depending on your target market how you could use color to improve your online sales, and conversions.

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