A short video that lasts less than 3 minutes, and is great as an introduction to design or as a quick refresher or simply as an inspiration for your next design project.

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The Fundamentals Elements of Designing A Brand Or Just About Anything

Although the post is titled as β€˜Awesome Video On Fundamental Elements of Design’, it really is about the fundamental elements of design, in general, and can be used to design anything, really; β€” from brand identities to 3D worlds. Though the embedded video explains these fundamental elements, with the help or examples of branding, and brand design.

The Fundament Elements of Design

The most basic of elements that go into designing almost everything we lay our eyes on today, is covered in the ~3 minute video, by PepRally, embedded below. We start by lines, and end with textures, and compositions.

The Fundamental Elements of Design by PepRally

The video explains the basics of design elements in a quick, fun, and a succinct manner. It’s quite an introduction to design, in my opinion. And, precisely because this video is short, and mostly to the point, it is a great resource, masquerading as a refresher of sorts; great for those moments that require an inspirational thrust, just before we start on designing anything. And, if you happen to be a teaching design, this video could come in damned handy too.

If you happen to have 3 minutes to spare, and are in the midst or are wanting to design something, consider watching this video for some inspiration or just as a refresher of sorts. The time spent watching it, will not be a waste.

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