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Recently I’ve realized that I’ve no tide to spare for people who take forever to make a decision. Indecisiveness, for me is contagious. I tend to stay away, so that I may not become a convert again. Either you do whatever it is you are thinking about doing, or you don’t. If you see yourself spending more than five minutes deciding something. Stop! and move on. If you are only going to be indecisive, then you’ll become stagnant. Becoming stagnant leads to a great deal of other decisions, all of which you never wanted to be indecisive about in the first place. Also, it tends to hurt a multitude of people. Setting a deadline for making a decision is a good way to start becoming more decisive. Been there, and done that!

“When people don’t do what they want, they don’t know what to do.” - Marty Rubin.

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