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Everyone has dreams. They come in all shapes, and sizes. Some more realistic than others. Some take the form of sand castles, built aloof in the flowing winds. Then there are those dreams that take more than just mere sacrifices; they take a part of your soul, to be ready to be realised - this, exactly, is showcased in the video embedded below.

Meet Rosa, a young Mayan woman, as she talks about what she has to go through to finally able to achieve something valuable. Rosa’s dream took a lot from her, to become her reality. It took away a part of her, for her to be able to follow one dream. The video showcases not just her story, but also her strength, and resolve to keep on living. To keep on fighting. To keep on trying to find a door that would let her in, one closed door after another. She has had to fight her past, to make her present a reality. She’s had to fight, to keep on dreaming.

Rosa - These Storms.

Rosa - These Storms, gives Rosa the chance to tell her own story, and by doing so spread hope, and inspire the rest of us. Take out ten minutes, to follow Rosa on her lifelong journey. This video is not just meant for Rosa, but for the rest of us too. She first stood in front of 400 of her peers, encouraging them to believe in themselves, to never give up, and weather what life throws while they pursue their dreams. She stands still, in front of you, encouraging you to live your life, with a smile.

Rosa - These Storms from Living on One .

The part that hit me the most is that she’s still smiling, at the end of it all. I feel inspired, and blessed to be able to follow whatever I dream of, to be able to keep myself educated; to keep on learning still.

Here’s to weathering these, and those storms.

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