Where do our obsessions lead us? What passions inspire within us? These, and some other questions, is what this post is about.

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There are myriad of posts online from people of all walks, they having made it or not, distribute advice on how, and what worked for them during their time of trials. I am guilty for dispensing some advice too; over here or while talking with people whom I care about. You are guilty too, and everyone else who has come out on the other side of things.

We do like to display our badges of honor; maybe as a reminder of sorts or maybe as a symbol of survivor-pride. We have our buckets of advice that we reach into, whenever we feel the need to give. It is free. And there’s plenty to go around.

Today’s post is not advice though. It consists of a series of open ended questions that seem to hover about, and are waiting to be answered. Questions that rose up, when I happened to stumble upon a video about Yukons strawberry obsession.

Strawberries Will Save The World

This post has been inspired by the video embedded below. It follows Yuko Okumura, and her obsession with Strawberries; thus the poignant mention of both words, passion, and obsession, in today’s post.

She is convinced that strawberries will save the world. Not that I see anything wrong with that belief, and it is quite a belief; it is quite something to accept our own obsessions, and let them fuel us, I think. Never the less, it is something; to have such belief, and to follow it through; to find happiness there.

I admire, and respect her, her obsession, and her belief that is based on her obsession for ‘Ichigo’, know to us as ‘Strawberries’. Yuko duly follows through obsession, with her actions. And she has evoked a series of questions from within me.

Strawberries Will Save The World🍓 - Short Documentary from Yoko Okumura.

If you have 10 minutes today, I would highly recommend watching the video. It may do something for you, and your own beliefs.

Why Do We Become Inspired, And Motivated By Our Passions / Obsessions?

What gets us up, and out of our beds, when morn arrives; is it this kind of obsession or an equivalently strong passion based belief? Why do some of us follow our passions, and obsess over our obsessions? Why do some of us do not follow our passions or give up on our obsessions? Does following or not following these, save us? When we do follow our passions, and obsessions, does it save the world? Do we believe that whatever we do, will save us, and our world? Is it that we send a signal to our consciousness, telling it that there is nothing left to be filled up within, when we do not follow up on our passions, and obsessions? Or is it us, signaling that there is a hole that needs to be filled in, by investing, and indulging in our passions and / or obsessions; marking our life somehow more complete? Indulging or not indulging in our passions and / or obsessions, does it mean that either we see ourselves as complete or not? What is the nature of our passions, and obsessions? What elicits us to harbor both, passion, and obsession? Is it something we credit as a definitive characteristic of our individual selves?

All those questions above, and more, they beg to be followed; beg to be answered, for my own sake, if for nothing else. As if they are now, almost, an obsession.

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