A five minute video form Jesse Collett that explains the three factors that affect how we perceive ourselves; how we perceive, and grade our self-worths.

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Why is self-esteem so important to our wellbeing? Having a low self-esteem is to say that we have almost none to zero self-worth. Self-Worth is important for us, to feel a sense our well-being; to feel good about ourselves, is paramount to our wellbeing as individuals. Having low self-esteem means that we consider ourselves a failure of sorts. It means that we keep comparing ourselves to others, constantly asking more out of ourselves. And, no matter how much we gain, it’s never enough. Low self-esteem means that it will never be enough (whatever “it” is in the present).

Imagine that you are an artist, sharing your newly finished art with your fellow family members, friends, and peers. On inquiring how they liked your work, if almost everyone says “it could be better” - this will definitely leave an impression of the negative kind on you/within you. You’ll immediately feel that you’re a failure. Because you gave them the control of assigning you under a flag of failure or success, that by merely asking them their opinion of your work. Why you painted or created the art that you did? - that answer disappears. That question doesn’t come up again. You’re only looking for approval, which was never given. On the flip side of this, having high self-esteem or inflating our self-evaluations can, and has been counterproductive. In the sense it will lead to judgmental failures.

But nevertheless, self-esteem is one of the most important markers of our psychological health. It’s highly important to keep us in good spirits, as it does make us pass judgment onto ourselves. Judging ourselves, and our self-worth - now, that’s something we’re responsible for, and is based on the choices we’ve made. It’s also based on three major factors as outlined in the video embedded below.

Self-Esteem From Jesse Collett

The foundations of self-esteem are, and can be very vague, and ill-formed. That’s because it’s affected based on our perception of how we appear to others. Low self-esteem is a bigger problem, than an boosted ego. Having some self-worth is more than having none. Having more than required self-worth is definitely better than having none.

If you’ve five minutes today, I highly recommend watching the video embedded below. It talks about the three factors that affect our self-worth, and our perception of our self-worth.

Self-Esteem from Jesse Collett .

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