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Being observant of all things around, of all behaviours around opens up thought provoking avenues in your head. Just by looking around, and noticing everything around you is more than the inspiration you need to get started, and create something that manifests your thought process, and ideas. It’s really that simple.

What keeps us away from actually getting down to it, is the fact that we fear lash-backs, pessimism, and down right ugly comments by people who’re in the same boat as us. What happens when you throw this inhibition, this fear of other people - other people who directly, or indirectly affect your creativity, away? What happens when you sit down with your idea, get it out of your head, and into something that you can touch with your hands?

That’s what the video embedded below is all about.

The Reinvention of Normal

Watching the video, and hearing his ideas - like the one where he decides to flip the direction of the sound reaching our ears with a device he invented, will bring a smile to you if nothing more. Just that thought of experimenting with creating a new normal for your brain is deep, totally relatable, and demonstrated in an awe inspiring, and artful experiment. I’ll let the video take this forward. If you have sometime to spare today, do watch this video!

THE REINVENTION OF NORMAL from Liam Saint-Pierre .

Dominic is, to me, a kindred soul. When you do see his creations, you cannot help but feel inspired. You cannot help but fuel up on some courage to think, and do weird. He is extremely observant of his environment. His curiosity is the best thing about him. This curiosity, coupled with his creative insights, and fearless attitude about creating what comes to him regardless of what others think has empowered him to take the mundane, the ordinary, and flip it upside down into something marvellous, beautiful, strange, and very thought provoking.

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