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So How Do You Change The World?

You can’t. You don’t. You don’t try to. All you can do is fix something that’s broken, or try to solve something that’s been a problem, or show the world a mirror, or make something, or make something better, or make something beautiful. That’s what Franklin Leonard says. And there’s a lot of sense, and the semblance of facts in that. He’s also someone who most of us can relate to. Especially the bit where he states failing gets to you. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, one thing that stands out like a sore thumb is the fact that failure in one form, or another is always imminent. That’s just how things are!

Why Not To Try Changing The World?

Because it’s paralyzing - Says Franklin Leonard . And it is. No matter how “connected” we feel, or we are the fact remains that the World is huge! With 7+ billion people milling about, and doing things that pull this World in all sort of directions, how can one person possibly be able to change the World? Yes, a person can certainly come up with ideas to do so; but that same person will need others, and those others will yet need others for that one idea to spread, and materialize into something, into anything that can even remotely affect the way the World currently operates.

Franklin Leonard: The Realist’s Guide To Changing the World

If you’ve 14 odd minutes to spare today, I would highly recommend watching this video. It’s very humbling to say the least. And just like the endless seas, and the endless oceans of stars above in the sky it makes you feel small. Which, believe me is good thing! Really, really good thing; in a humbling sort of a way.

Franklin Leonard: The Realist's Guide To Changing the World from 99U

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