Vimeo is a gold mine for crazy, whacky, weird, and inspiring videos. Here are two of my current favorites, for your inspiration.

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Some days, watching videos on Vimeo tends to pay up. Today’s such a day. Never have I come across a set of more weirder, and brilliant videos before; Vimeo affords more surprises like these, ever so often. And precisely because, these videos are weird, crazy, and over-the-top-maybe is why they are inspirational, full of art, and hidden idiosyncrasies; that is why they’ve been made into this post.

Without much ado, here’re the two videos for today. Collectively, if you have 8 minutes free today, these two come highly recommended; a must watch even.

Crazy Video 1: Love In Public by Noah Malone

It’s an animated short that lasts for about 15 seconds less than three minutes. Love In Public follows on the lines(literally, and figuratively) of Beavis and Butt-Head. It’s a satire take on modern love, and public display (marketability as the creator puts it), and it sends out a clear message; one that is exemplified by the weigh of the video creators voice, booming at the end of the video.

I have yet to figure out the sandwich-man, in there. There’s gotta be a co-relation of the sandwich-man to someone or something; very intriguing.

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Weirdly Inspirational Video: Future Emotions | Japan by Rafa Zub

This video is definitely one of my favorites.

Look, there are so many places out there we could go. It doesn’t make any sense to live here forever.

This one’s truly a spectacle, if anything. You must watch this one too. Rafa Zub has done a marvelous job of mixing so many themes into this five minute of a video that it can be overwhelming when you try to make sense of what the video is about. The description only quotes the above line, which is also voiced by an actor in the video, and it only lends so much in terms of help, while trying to grasp at what the creator was thinking, and is trying to portray with his video. While the quote does clear out the bit, where we know that the world is more open (or was open until the recent elections, Brexit, and what not), in terms of ‘never settling down really’, there’s definitely more of a message in the video, with respect to the robots, monkeys, 3D wearables, and holograms that are, I think, key to the part of the message that is not so abundantly clear, and yet it is.

It is inspiring, to say the least.

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