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I have been long since wanting to design a logo for Right from the day I booked the domain name.

Finally, I sat myself down and got it done. 

Previous Iteration(s):


[Updated - The above iteration was worked upon receiving a suggestion from Dan Langendorf & Rahul Lewis. The Below iteration is based on their suggestions. Thank you Dan & Rahul! I think I like the new iteration too!]

New Iteration(s):

Color version.

White on Black version.


Black on White  and Grey on White version.

The logo represents the following:

  1. The ’S’ of Sojourner.
  2. If you tilt the logo at 90 degrees CCW it becomes ‘.co’
  3. It’s an incomplete infinity symbol.
  4. It is supposed to be depicting water because there should always be Momentum. Momentum is a vector quantity, always having a direction and a magnitude (velocity).
  5. The ‘dot’ on the top is represents my head. Hahahaha.
  6. The ’S’ or the incomplete infinity symbol represents my body and soul.
  7. The lower half of the ’S’ or the incomplete infinity symbol is a water wheel. The water wheel represents my Feet. The water wheel also represents a Compass. Since, as stated above, momentum is a vector possesing a direction (the compass) and a magnitude[velocity] (the wheel that makes the water churn up).
  8. The upper half is my upper body.  

I am thinking of not making business cards but rather making a stamp from this etsy store. This will allow me stamp everything I can lay my hands on. 

See it over at

Let me know what you think?

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