New domain, new design, and a brand new, crisp logo.

BY indefiniteloop

In yesterday’s post I wrote about the current theme design, and the style book/guide. When the logo that I had previously chosen as a mark of this new site/blog/brand was added into this style book that I unintentionally recreated, it felt as if it was at odds with the whole minimalism of the new design. I felt the need to shed some weight off of this logo too.

I kept looking at logo designs, from all over the Internet. Most of them were breath taking-ly beautiful, and meaningful. I felt the need to be more open with whatever the new logo would be. I knew I wanted to shed some weight off of it, make it lighter, minimal, easy to remember, and easy to draw. I wanted this new mark to become a representative of a couple of concepts, and my identity - indefiniteloop, Manoj, a pen, and a pencil. It did take me some time getting it right, but here it is - the new logo/branding of indefiniteloop.

I love the thin lines, and the use of whitespace. The logo does hold meaning, and I find it beautiful. logo options
New logo for

Do let me know what you guys think of it! Would love some critique too.

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