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Water colored postcard, from Sri Lanka.

Not an illustration by me, but this a postcard was picked up from Sri Lanka, which I think is beautiful, but lacked color. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the plain black, and white line art. But, I thought of water coloring it, while picking it up. Art therapy, anyone?

Get a postcard from indefiniteloop, for free!
The postcards is from Barefoot, Colombo. I've used water color crayons for this one.

While in the process of coloring this one, another thought occurred - why not send it out to someone? Why keep it, no? And, exactly with that thought is this post tied.

Want This One In Your Mailbox (No Strings Attached)?

Yes, I do have friends that I can send this out to ,but I already did send them theirs. And, I’ve had kept this one for this post.

Get a postcard from indefiniteloop, for free!
I love sending them out!

You don’t have to do much to have me send this out to you. All you have to do is sign up for my monthly newsletter, and the first person who signs up for the newsletter gets this postcard. It’s that simple, really. You’ve until the next Wednesday.

Once you’ve signed up, and if you’re the first person to do so after publishing this post then you’ll receive an email from me asking you your postal address, and that would be it; once I get an address to post to, that is. That’s it.

Get a postcard from indefiniteloop, for free!
Finished, and drying.

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On one more thing, just so you know, I live in Bombay, this postcard is from Sri Lanka, and you’ll be receiving it via the Indian snail mail.

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