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Who am I?

I have been pondering on this question for a long time now. This question along with the next one (see below) has brought me to this halt, this impasse, which can only be described as a void; Nothingness.

And I have found my answer today.

Self awareness and environmental awareness are perceptual. Reality is factual. But, then again, facts are often discarded due to the obove mentioned perceptual feedbacks. Thus most of the time for oneself, these perceptual feedbacks become facts. Thus the Truth.

And the Sum of all these perceptions and biases, factual or otherwise - doesn’t matter, is Me. The culmination of all my perceptions about myself and my environment, is My Self.

Self conscious, then means being aware of these perceptions and biases. Conscience is then directly an influencer of my perception and thus, an influencer of Me.

Why am I here?

This question is subjective. In all of its entirety, which If I may say so is as vast as nothingness itself, it is dependent on my perceptions, biases and conscience. If I believe I am here for a reason, and perceive my reason to be “The reason” of my existence and my conscience is acceptable to this - “The reason” then, I have found my answer to this question.

I am the Universe and I am here to report back to Nothingness.

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