BY indefiniteloop

There are very few of them; select people that wear open hearts. Who’re ready to accept anything that comes their way, with open arms. Who’re ever ready to share their experiences with you, ready to share their stories, ready to smile back. They don’t seem to care much about history; believing in the fact that what has gone will come again, and what’s come will be gone, only too soon. Thus, they perceive this world most differently from their counterparts.

For these people, the Fey exist; so do the Dragons, and Phoenixes. They’re also the kind who’re gentle, forgiving, grounded than most, and hold no ambiguity of who they are now. All of them, kindred souls. Fellow members of a rare, and maybe even an extinct tribe; loners, and quite introverts who ever search for answers, reflecting smiles, warmth, and others just like them.

They don’t bother much about the status quo. Never understand the intricacies of the politics that envelope the planet, and all living creatures. They don’t bother themselves with caste, race, color, species, or gender. Prominence doesn’t matter either. They carry with them a different set of a dictionary filled with words that no other dictionaries could ever claim to explain. They carry with themselves a different kind of rule books, maps, and guides. Thus for them, every little marble, rock, stream, breeze, and seed hold intrinsic beauty; and everything abounds with magic.

They feel powerless, more often than not, when the world around them shrouds itself into a gory, awry mess of delicate chaos. They find beauty in there somewhere; though a more melancholic one.

These people, they feel the beat of the world. They feel the desires, wants, perceptions, and needs of all around them. They also feel helpless, not being able to do much for their brothers, and sisters. Not being able to save the world, or knowing how, and where to begin. Thus they wait, for change to arrive. Instead of bringing about one; believing that all things come, and go as they please - very much like the blue green seas here.

They feel hurt, and maybe accept pain on a level unbeknownst to their counterparts. They feel it all. They think a lot. Their actions mostly driven by an ever search of someplace they can anchor their souls on. They also die more peaceful of deaths - no matter the way of it; bearing, and trusting in what riches they earned, and spent. Fierce warriors they’re too, of all they hold important. They very well understand the connectivity of things; they understand the tiny speck of star dust that they are, and soon will be again.

Brilliant, intelligent, open, readily trusting, balls of mush, strong, weathered, seeking permanence only to change, and waiting…

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