Everyone I know, is a teacher to me. So are you. Thank you, for teaching me.

BY indefiniteloop

If I were to say that I don’t compare myself with you, I did be flat out lying to you, and myself. Especially if you’re a 21 year old go-getter-jet-setter-woman. How could I not?

Meeting, and interacting with people from all walks of life is truly a learning experience. I’ve mentioned before that people always teach me something new; you teach me, almost every time I observe you, your demeanor, converse with you or simply see you converse, influence, interact with, and coerce others. There are few of you teachers that I stand in awe of of. You literally teach me, by being yourself, where I’ve been wrong; you teach me to be more open, more transparent, more…bare. You teach me to take those first steps I never would’ve thought I would take.

While on the Sri Lankan trip, I had the incredible pleasure to have met a few of you; all teachers. One in particular thought me to be more open-minded. She thought me to ask for help, without expecting to be turned down, or taken advantage of. She thought me to be more vulnerable; that it really is okay to be vulnerable.

Of all the lessons so far, these ones that I learned are the most precious ones. Because these lessons, they brought about immediate changes within. And, exactly because of that this Sri Lankan work-cation holds a dear place, close to the chest.

Why Compare?

When you’re out, and about, meeting new people, collecting, and sharing stories, experiencing change, and making friends there’re tons of opportunities to grow - spiritually, emotionally, and intelligently.

Every person I meet or interact with, whether at home or anywhere else, has something to teach; that, irrespective of he or she has thought me something before - we all change, every day.

I compare myself, every day, with others around me. Not in a negative light, mind you. Rather from the perspective of bettering myself. From the perspective of noticing subtleties that may be missing within me, from the perspective of noticing things that maybe stopping me, from the perspective of finding lost treasures within, from the perspective of becoming what I deem as good, for the wish for change, from the perspective of learning, and from the the perspective of becoming whole again.

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