This blog is undergoing some design changes, and here's a small write up on what has changed so far, and why?

BY indefiniteloop

Small changes are being rolled out in phases, on the blog. I thought that I did write up a small post to let others know of these, and that these may cause some weird, unexpected presentation problems during the course of the roll outs. Some of these changes were rolled out just sometime ago.

What has changed?

To start with the Disqus comment section on this blog is no more. It had been up, and live since Sojourner-times, and I’ve only gotten spam as comments for most part of that duration. I’ve had been toying with the idea of removing comment / Disqus from the blog for sometime now. It’s been a year, and a few months since the shift from to, and there hasn’t been much in terms of discussion(s) or reactions. At first I thought, if nothing else then the Disqus section provides the readers with a space to vent, but then I quickly realize that I should rather charge for that as a service, no? Then there’s the bit where it takes time to moderate these incoming comments too. And, then there’s the case of unwanted, negative word-play coming in from some elementals. I can really do without those, with the added bonus of saving time moderating. Another good thing about removing the comments’ section is that the page load, and render times have improved; drastically if I may.

Then the footer area has been thinned out quite a lot. It’s essentially just the statistics, along with some navigation links that form the footer area now.

What all these changes means?

It doesn’t mean anything, really. Except that the reading experience on the blog has become a tad bit better in my opinion. And if you’d like to get in touch, you can still do that via email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I check my inbox once a day, every day (the whole zero inbox thing). The footer area needed to be thinned out, updated, and decluttered. As time goes on the design on here is tilting towards more of minimalism or how I perceive that in terms of the design here. And, these changes that’ve been rolled out are a part of that minimalistic phase that I am finding myself in.

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