The 5th of September is marked as Teacher's Day here. This post is a small thank you to everyone, and everything that has tought me.

BY indefiniteloop

I have had the privilege of a good education, and the privilege to give it back as a faculty of I.T, and Computer Science for little less than three years. And today, I choose to be a student; a forever apprentice.

I’ve mentioned it before out on here, that everyone we meet (whether for the first time or otherwise) has something to teach us. And, everywhere we go, there’s a lesson in waiting for us. Every time we experience anything, we learn. No matter our differences, status quo or circumstances. We as a species are geared for learning, then adapting, and then learning more; about ourselves, others, everything, and the Universe.

Most of us learn things the hard way, some of us are intelligent enough to grasp the lessons from the get-go. Some of us learn by jumping right into the midst of it all. Some of us learn first, then practice. Some of us are prone to adaptation; to what surrounds us as we go on forward. Some of us are forced to do so. Irrespective of how, when, and what, the fact still stands that we all learn. One way or another we all learn. Thus we have, and look up to a bunch of teachers, from a bunch of places, time, and space. And today, it so happens that it’s Teachers’ Day.

Happy Teachers' Day
Yep, the hands are supposed to be pocketed. Here's wishing you a happy Teachers' Day. PS: The sketch is still incomplete. Will complete it, and then put it up on the blog soon enough. Hopefully.

And so, this post is for the all of you. This post is for everything, and everyone else that has ever taught me, made me stop to think, and learn. This is for everyone who has given me fodder for thought, made me chase butterflies in the middle of nowhere, made me more curious, inquisitive, and ultimately made me who I am today. This is for everyone who has given me medicine for time, and has had been patient with my insatiable curiosity.

This post is a small thank you, to each, and every one of you. A small thank you to each, and every moment, experience, circumstances, and the Universe at large. A small thank you for teaching me, everything I know. For making me who I am today, and helping me adapt to whom I become tomorrow.

May we all continue to learn, grown, and become a better a version of ourselves, and help others along the way to become better of their older versions.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day; wishing the all of you, and the Universe.

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