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Trust, is a very dicey subject. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s not very easy to trust someone anymore. Except, well, Dogs. While I may be too …umm..naive? or negative here. The fact is that Dogs will always be your best friends. No matter what!

There have been countless stories, both, online and offline about pet owners abandoning their pets. This is more true in the case of Dogs, than any other household pets. According to various online sources, the most common reasons for dog abandonment 1 don’t make any rational sense at all! They shouldn’t either. Because it’s not right. As if, other acts of animal cruelty weren’t enough. Like pit fighting .

”A Man, can only trust his Dog and Himself” - Unknown.

Don't Abandon Your Friends!

I was, recently, given a chance to look after ‘ZiZou’. He’s an old retriever. He was abandoned by his owners. They did not abandon him on the street. These douches were smart about it. They asked a friend, who owns a pet friendly restaurant here, to take care of him. They never showed up after that, never responded to any communication attempts after that. She was more than happy to take care of him. She willingly adopted him. He used to be locked away for hours. He never had a toy to play with. That just breaks my heart.


I first met Zizou, when I was visiting the restaurant with some other friends. Then I got to know him and his story. I immediately offered my place to take care of him, if ever needed. The restaurant owner took me up on that offer and I had the pleasure of baby sitting this bundle of love, for two whole hours. He now has three toys that he’s very possessive of. He’s happy.

Don't Abandon Your Friends!

The place where I stay now, is not pet friendly. And I desperately want to have a pet dog as a companion. So, instead of owning one, I take care of them for their owners for sometime. I have done this twice. One for 15 days and the other for two hours. And in both instances I was floored at the amount of love they have within them. Since a very long time, I’ve wanted to have four dogs. I don’t think that is viable, I will be happier with one and next year is the year for me to adopt one, since I am moving.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, please, please make sure you don’t abandon them. They will be the best of friends you’ll ever have! And don’t take my word for it, look online to the multitude of stories. Talk to others who own pets and hear them out! If you’re hesitant of getting or taking care of one, don’t. If you have doubts, ask friends/acquaintances to leave their dogs with you for a couple of days. Sign-up as a temporary shelter with your local pet association, to see if you can manage and be a responsible friend, if not to anyone else but to your pet / dog.

Don't Abandon Your Friends!

Here’s to Man’s best friend!

History of Dogs - A Documentary.

Did you know that dogs release the same harmones as humans in love do, when they meet their owners/human companions?

Pet dogs release the same “love hormone” that humans feel when they’re head over heels.

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