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Mornings couldn’t be anything less than a prolonged sentence of drudgery, for her. Yet, day after another day is what she lives for. 8:45PM is her favorite time of the day. It’s exactly when she thinks that the world around her, slowly starts to disappear. She’s, passively, ever in search of something, or someone challenging enough of her time here. Maybe that’s why boredom sets in quite fast. Maybe that’s why very little holds her interest for long. If I may be bold here - Rhythm of a sass filled melody, to tap her feet to, is what interests her; apart from a good game of ‘join-the-dots’. Right now the only thing she allows herself to drown into, is an affordable glass of Tennessee whiskey accompanied by some odd number of ice cubes; this, not at a pub or a night club, but rather at some lonesome bar, sitting on a bar stool; wanting to be left alone so that she may envelope herself within the environment around her. She does that, maybe, to protect herself from disappointments. She’s very opinionated. Doesn’t shy away from forming her own opinions, or changing them. She doesn’t shy away from change either.

The choice of involving those odd number of ice cubes, demonstrates her affinity to anything that’s not mundane. Also, she doesn’t come across as someone who’d enjoy a good cigar. I wonder, if she’s ever stopped dead in her tracks to gaze up or, more proverbially speaking, ever stopped to smell the roses. Although she did say that she recently saw a rainbow appear out of nowhere, and thought it was beautiful.

She likes to hear, and ponder about the sounds that words make. And to that effect, Sanitize is something that sounds just about right to her, it’s her favorite word. Adventure to her, in isolation, is another beautiful word that’s ever so adaptable; but she dreads the way people around her put it to use. She uses that word every day, and uses it in her isolation. More often than not, I am of the opinion that’s how Adventure should be used. Cute is another word that she rarely employs in the context it was meant to be employed with. Cute is something she attaches to her sarcasm filed teeth. Other than that, Cute is reserved only for Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and Tea Pot Kittens. She loves Helvetica because it’s clean, and maybe does justice to how she perceives the words she hears. Speaking of words, her search for challenges, and Her - she would like to learn the Arabic language. Because Arabic would be the complete opposite of English, and thus, maybe the ultimate challenge for her.

Her tastes are odd too; and not just the taste bud kind.

She prefers anything that’s salted caramel. Doesn’t like anything that’s sweet, after she’s had her fill of sugar. Dark chocolate mint milkshakes are her jam. Dragon fruit, and grapes fit her palette just about right. She loves gooey, and fudge-y cookies. She thinks that tiramisu is the perfect dessert ever to be created; well, because it contains the best of both worlds - coffee, and desert. Oh, and how she does love her coffee so. Ganga Jumna is the juice she prefers, and states that people don’t know how good it is in terms of its value - just like the tiramisu, it offers the best of both worlds. Based on this, I suspect that the choices she makes in her life may be based more on value that they bring back, into her life. She’s a big fan of a good ol’ bull’s eye; prefers runny yolks with mushrooms, maybe some hash-browns thrown in. She doesn’t visit the bacon church often. And she can flip your omelettes, and reverse those eggs like Missy Elliott.

Gray is her favorite color, so much so that she may very well have another stock pile of gray t-shirts, ready to be put to use when apocalypse arrives - the first pile of those gray tees is put into daily use for now. She couples those tees, with your run of the mill jeans, foregoing dresses completely. Vans, with no socks, are her Jimmy Choos. She’s ready for anything in that getup, or so I imagine. I kinda like this, that she’s so laid back with anything goes kind of an attitude. She’s very self-assured, or in the least comes across as that.

Autumn, is her favorite season. Again value-istically speaking, she says - it offers the best of both worlds. It’s not too cold, or hot. It’s balanced with the perfect amount of sun, and cool. She’s not a fan of winter. She used to love monsoons once upon a time, but now doesn’t. I cannot help but wonder, how water falling from up above, made out of a scientifically proven magical system, doesn’t hold people in awe anymore? Or for that matter, how snowfall is not seen as a miracle all on its own, anymore?

She loves to laugh, or so I guess. Tig Notaro, an american stand-up comic, is her favorite. A rude awakening for me here, since I was under the impression that men are more comical - in, and by nature (the things we do). She doesn’t find Adam Sandler to be up-to the mark - he’s overrated. Movies that tickle her would be Dumb and Dumber, Anchor Man, and Borat to name a few. Ballroom dances amuse her too. She would laugh probably at herself, and her partner, if she ever were to ballroom dance. Something I did like to test, given the chance to. If she had to pick a favorite character from a TV series, or a movie then it would be Dr House from the T.V series House. Her favorite movie would be Mona Lisa Smile. Her choice of music, is as mentioned above, sassy - anything Soul, Jazz, Motown Classics, Old School Rhythm, and Blues works for her.

Maya Angelou is her favorite Poet. Her favorite book would be The Diary of Anne Frank; she still goes back to it when she’s in need of some balls - Her words, not mine. Her favorite art form would be the Ballet, because it amazes her that a human body can move like that; and it assaults her senses at the same time, making her think that she could be doing some ballet herself. Maybe she should pick it up - my thoughts not Her’s. She loves to watch Hip-Hop dance battles. The Willow is her favorite tree; because it’s soft, and sturdy at the same time.

Although she swims roughly four times a week, she doesn’t think she’s a water baby. She rather prefers the mountains, and would run away to one, if she could. Crowds drain her. People tire her; especially the ones that she has to deal with on a regular basis. And mental exhaustion is exhaustion of the worst kind for her. Not that she loves getting tired; on the contrary, she hates having to move too much. But prefers physical exhaustion over mental exhaustion. I guess this is where the mountains come in, to swoop her away. The only thing that may very well provide her with the impetus to move, and get out to meet you, would be an offer of an open bar.

On the topic of Men, and what kind she may prefer - she leaves that open to an initial spark, a connection made when she meets a man. She prefers bearded ones, over the shaved. Anything more than that she hasn’t a clue; she’s clueless as to what she’s looking for in a man. She’s not actively searching for one either. She’s enough for herself now. She’d rather discover, and re-discover herself in tiny little things that happen to her everyday than spend her time discovering, and finding her bearded knight in shinning armor.

No religion appeals to her. She hasn’t made her own yet, but I think she’s is in the process of doing exactly that. Or becoming a nun, and joining a convent - My guess, as to why she would want to, would be the lack of interesting things this world has to offer. God is the Universe for her; she’s agnostic that way. She hasn’t found a purpose for/of her life yet, but believes very strongly that there can’t be a single purpose to one’s life. Rather, she believes that the one purpose of your life is something that is made up of other purposes - if I may draw parallels here then it would be with respect to goals, and goals having milestones; one purpose that imbues into other aspects of your life. Something I agree with. She does believe in the idea of Fate, and Karma.

The relationships she has are first validated by her; validated before she forms them. It takes her about seven months to get comfortable with someone, anyone. During the course of those seven months, you’re in for a ride. Not that I would know; I can only suspect that to be the case here. But once she’s formed the bond of a relationship, whatever kind that may be, she’s generous.

On what she’d be rather doing than whatever she’s doing now - she says she could drop everything, and run away to some obscure location with a porch, and her dog. She pictures herself wearing suspenders, and beret there. Other than that, I suspect she’d rather sleep.

Based on her choices she makes, and all those things she does - she thinks that she’s an old army man stuck in a 24 year old, woman’s body.

I never knew you could learn so very much, about someone, in one single day! Add to all of this, tomorrow when she wakes up, she’s gonna change. She’ll be a different person, all together. That’s what makes this more interesting.

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