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A lot of people around me are super creatives. They draw, they paint, they sketch, they think up with some crazy ideas, they shape, they mould, they cut wood, they weld, they burn sand; all of them create. They do this day in, and day out. Watching them create is intimidating, to say the least. More often than not I find myself becoming jealous of their skills, and their creations. It used to get to me, knowing that I could create too! That’s how I fell in love with the art of creation. That’s how I started to create. And that’s why I started writing too.

Leather Working

Today, I couldn’t be happier. The more I create, the more inspiration strikes. The more ideas abound, in that hollow o’ me brain. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing those ideas take shape - I’ve written this over, and over. And I will still be writing the above sentence every chance I get, very unapologetically too. With that said, today’s post is about a new skill I’ve started to learn, for creating more - Leather working.

Leather is something that comes across as very pristine, to me. My perception of leather is not just limited to it’s texture, and it’s smell. It goes, unexplainably, somehow beyond that. My affinity to leather led me to dive right in, and start creating.

Leather Working

New tools for new adventures. #leatherworking

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A dear friend of mine, gifted me the tools to start cracking. The day after those got delivered I started cutting, and sewing. The below image is the result. It’s a leather cover for my beloved Field Notes. It’s still raw, and incomplete. But, it looks gorgeous! The next thing I made is a wallet after searching for some inspiration online (photos coming soon).

Both of these were made out of throwaway leather purses, and bags. No cows were harmed during the creation of the Field Notes cover, and the wallet. Hopefully, no cows will be harmed for other projects either.

Leather Working

7 Helpful Video Tutorials On Leather Working

If you’re looking to get started with leather working, here are some videos that helped me along.

Leather working. The tools I use everyday.

Leather working - The tools needed

Leather Working, Tools and Supplies for the beginner

How to Use a Single-Action Tool on Leather Working

Introduction to Leatherworking

Hand Sewing Leather

How to use a Sewing Awl- quick lesson

Sewing Basics : Hand Sewing Leather

Hand Stitching

Right now, I am of the opinion to start on a leather, and canvas day backpack; for the stuff I like lugging around. Expect a post, when that’s done.

There’s so much more to learn in the world of leather working. Here’s to creating, and learning!

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