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It takes a lot of effort, and energy to create software that intentionally, or otherwise, does some good for a community. Desk is a beautiful example of such software. It’s a culmination of 14 years of writing/blogging everyday, by John Saddington . Desk, for me, has done much good. Both, intentionally, and unintentionally.

Desk App
John Saddington. Indie developer. Maker of Desk App.

Desk is not just a writing/blogging app. It’s a community, created by it’s developer. And what a community it is! Full of people motivating, and inspiring you, post, after post; no matter your background, nationality and experience. And it is because of Desk, that I started blogging everyday, from the beginning of this year. So far, so good. The entire atmosphere created by Desk for people like us, is one of achievement. If nothing else, Desk helps you achieve your blogging goals. I see this happen day, after day. I use Desk extensively, and not just for blogging. I use it for some note taking, writing personal letters, and so on.

Desk App

Naturally, it was quite disheartening to see a bad review posted for the app, on the app store. Basically, the reviewer wanted support for TextExpander , within Desk. And I think he felt left out, apparently because he has been waiting six months for a feature, but hasn’t gotten it yet. Then he goes on to compare Desk with other writing apps. All of those apps, compared to Desk in the review, are backed by a team of developers/designers and so on. Not Desk. Desk is the creation of an Indie Developer. Desk is his idea of what a blogging app should be. I felt really sad that the reviewer, who uses all those other writing apps with TextExpander support (apparently lacking in Desk), would peck on this beloved piece of software like such. He goes on about how he/she has been using the Mac since version 7, and how Desk is affecting his productivity, and so on. He states all this in his comment without confirmation, and conviction.Then gives Desk a mere one star.

Desk App
Reviewer's comment on the App Store. BTW & FYI, Desk does work with TextExpander (see video below).

I set out, to see if TextExpander could be used with Desk, and I can confirm that TextExpander works with Desk. Flawlessly. According to some other users in the community, Desk also works with some other text expanders, like aText.

Don’t take my word for it, a video is embedded below, courtesy of another Desk user, and a Desk community member. The video proves beyond any doubt that Desk works just fine with TextExpander.

Desk Works With TextExpander, Just Fine.

Here’s a video that confirms the fact that Desk works with TextExpander - courtesy of Jim Krenz - a fellow Desk community member, and blogger.

Video: Desk & TextExpander, by Jim Krenz.

If you are looking for an editor, for your blogging needs, I very strongly recommend Desk: A Writing, Blogging, and Notetaking App. You won't be disappointed.

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