Read about Odd Curiosity - A Small shop full of things that evoke wonder, and generate curiosity.

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I just launched a small e-commerce shop. A shop that will be full of all things that are either created by me with wonder, and curiosity or create in me the same wonder, and curiosity I mention above.

Along with being a push at being more self sustaining, this online shop is also an experiments of sorts; maybe even a test of sorts - a validation of sorts for the merchandise that will be put up soon, my business skills, marketing skills, and what may have you.

This shop, right now, is small. Originally I was going to publish the first product, and launch this shop at the end of February. But, recent circumstances are such(more on that soon) that I’ve had to launch it right now instead.

Have A Look At My Small Shop

Odd Curiosity

I loving call this small brand - Odd Curiosity.

Odd Curiosity - Shop
Odd Curiosity: A small shop full of wonder, and curiosity.

A lot of thinking, learning and planning has gone into starting this small business. My core strengths are creating, and observing. To implore myself to learn other skills like marketing, business, and to understand how to finally create value for you, and I, is second reason Odd Curiosity exists; first one being the love of everything small thing that generates curiosity within me, which in turn leads to wonder.

Right now, it’s home to a single product. But more stuff is coming soon. It’s been fun to see it go from nothing, into something tangible. I’ve had been thinking of launching an ecommerce shop for the better part of last year. But, never really gave it much thought while I was working on Appathetic Studios. With Appathetic almost streamlined, I thought it was high time I got back to launching this small business.

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Do let me know your thoughts on it.

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