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It’s been a little more than eight months since I started writing, and publishing at At first it was on tumblr, and then I shifted over to Jekyll. Keeping in line with the name of my online home, Sojourner, there will be a lot of things changing with this blog, and my online identity yet again.

Change From

I am in the process of building a new home. One that feels more like home, more than what sojourner feels like now. I love, but something still feels amiss, out of place. That feeling coupled with some research I carried out about the name Sojourner, and some other findings, made me start searching for a new name, a new online identity. And I’ve found one.

Why The Change Of My Online Identity?

It took about 45 days to come up with a new name, a new brand that I can relate to even more that I could with Sojourner. Below are some reasons as to why I am carrying over this blog, and my personal home page to the new identity.

Reasons For A New Identity:

  1. At first when I started with, I was also moving away from Which was the right way to go. thought me a lot in terms of writing, blogging, and building a personal brand. I also realised that speaks more to me, relates more to me and does not do that for my readers.

  2. I have changed since launching, so has how I use I have gained some insights about how the blog is being used, what works, and what doesn’t. This new identity will be more focused not only around me, but my readers too. misses out on the fact that there’re readers out there that I am talking to, or want to help with what I’ve learned, and experienced. The new identity would be a fresh start in that regard. Another point I stumbled upon is the fact that now I have a fairly set posting schedule, based on the many categories I write about. For e.g. Every Sunday I write, and publish a poem inspired by the past week’s experience, and so on. I, absolutely, had no idea that it would become a routine where I would write similar “type” or “categorised” posts each day, every week. The new home would give me the time, and space to leverage that in a way where I could somehow make my schedule more prominently available to my readers while within the scope of a new design. I haven’t really thought about how to achieve that yet. But it’s coming.

  3. right off the bat doesn’t tell you what the home page, and blog are about. The new identity does this. The brand name I am going to use, to relaunch the blog and my home page, tells you straight up about what I do for a living; and on the home page, I explain why the brand name relates to more than just code.

  4. Try to picture a “Sojourner in your mind. It’s hard, even for me to do so. When I try to picture a sojourner in my mind, I see a man roaming about in a desert with a few beduins & camels around. Definitely not the image I am going for. The new brand identity creates a better image, an image closer to what the site, blog, and I am about. It also gives some idea about the kind of content on the blog. All this for the kind guests that spend their valuable time on my blog. Be them coders, writers, poets, or enthusiasts.

  5. Time goes on, and change comes frequently to all of us. It’s a part of growing up. Whether we notice it, or not is a different story. At this stage, I am not really sure Sojourner is right for me.

  6. Some people I’ve spoken to about “Sojourner” as a brand name and identity, have told me the first impression was negative based on the name. They automatically made a connection to everything about it being “temporary”. It’s one of the definitions of sojourner. And it’s not what I wanted to convey, or put out there. Some other people have never heard of the word at all.

  7. It’s difficult to spell. And so more difficult to recall. And the “.co” ccTLD is not helping either, because some others land up on indefiniteloop.comm, instead of

  8. I am becoming more committed to my writing, and this blog. I think it only makes sense to go ahead, and use something that’s more sticky, easier to remember, and is “.com” because “.com”. At the same time, it should create some mystery. That’s a naive thought I know, but the name does create mystery for others, or so I hope so.

So What’s This New Brand / Identity Name

Well, that is going to come up in the introductory post when I shift over. Currently, I am working on the design part of it, and getting that site up to speed. At the same time, is live running some A/B tests to help me understand more about what’s going on, on this blog. More about the A/B testing coming up in tomorrow’s post.

But as a teaser, I have changed my twitter handle. So that should give it away, if it hasn’t already!

More on this, and other topics soon!

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