Here's a super awesome infographic in the form of a periodic table that takes you through the various processes involved in designing, launching, and maintaining a website.

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A lot of hard work, imagination, and grit go into designing, and developing websites. Sure tools like WordPress, etc make it easier, and faster, to go from zero to awesome, the fact still remains that it does take work to make a website work, and work the way it is supposed to.

Thus a lot of work has gone, and is going on behind the scenes; from A/B testing to maintaining the code bases, and so on. It is an ever going process. And the infographic embedded below is a great visual representation of this web designing process in its entirety; it entails everything involved in a great periodic table, right from the brief to the maintenance.

Although aimed at web designers, and developers, this infographic can also be used as roadmap by, and for business owners, giving them a fairly good idea of the whole process involving the launch of their sparky new or old school business ideas.

Infographic: Periodic Table Of Web Design Process

Periodic Table Of Web Design Process.
Periodic Table Of Web Design Process - Click to enlarge.

The entire process is made up of six prominent phases or stages, viz. - Briefing: What entails a good brief?

  • Planning: Research and preparation involved.
  • Design: At this stage a mockup or visual of the website appears.
  • Development: The visual procured in the design phase is used to build the backend, and make the website ready for the launch.
  • Launch: Before launching, there are quite a few things that are needed to be done, including testing, debugging, etc.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance, changes, A/B testing, etc. fall into this phase.

Each of these stages are further broken down into smaller elements that form the stages themselves, respectively.

This infographic was created by the guys over at the NEWdesignGROUP.

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