Design is an ever-changing, ever-adapting domain. Mobile design, even more so. I'm always on the look out for great resources that would help me, my friends, and readers keep up with this changing landscape. Here's a great infographic that helps exactly with that.

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A simple advice from multiple sources, is to keep a lookbook. Something that holds all the designs, artwork, photographs, colors, or any other kind of picture you derive your inspiration as a designer. Something that you flip through, to gain an insight, get inspired or have the flash of design-genius. Something like that in the form of a folder, or whatever else that works for you.

This is good advice. Looking, and flipping through a lookbook that inspires you to improve your design, and UX skills does do good. And, taking after this advice, I do keep a folder synced between my main machine, and the phone.

Within this folder, there are all sorts of pictures and, plenty of Infographics that I find useful. Along with all those pictures, I store links too, within a .txt file, to posts that I find not only informative, but also helpful while creating or designing, in general. Each one of them is a design treasure, and do look at these gems, every time I tend to flex my design muscles.

Every now, and then I do share some of these remarkable design resources here on this blog. And, today’s post is about another such gem (Thank you Matteo Gasparello from

Create That Amazing Mobile Design For Your Next App

Last year, frivolewis, and I started on this journey we fondly call - Appathetic Studios. We started Appathetic Studios by creating our first iOS app together - Daily Write.

We spent a lot of time, during the design phase of things. I mean, frivolewis did - he’s the designer half. And, I did wish we had found this post, and the infographic sooner.

This post, and the infographic(see below) are great, if you’re hunting for design resources, and advice for your next app. We’re definitely going to be re-reading the post, and using this infographic - looking it up again with respect to designing our other apps.

Create That Amazing Mobile Design For Your Next App
Great advice, by some of the best designers out there.

Get This Infographic

The infographic embedded above is plain great. It contains design advice from 12 of the best in the design world. Advice from the likes of Bart Jacobs - Mobile Editor at Envato Tuts+, Aleks Witko - Head of Visual Design at, Markus Seyfferth - MD at Smashing Magazine, and many more.

Definitely a resource worth saving, and reading if you are working on your next app. Even if you’re just a developer, translating designs into prototypes, or a full fletched app; even then, this infographic comes in very, very handy in understanding the mindset of the best of designers from around the Webspace. It explains terms like perception, purpose, progressive enhancement, etc. to developers, and designers alike.

I highly recommend reading the article too! It’s very informative, to say the least!

47 Awesome Resources For Your Next Mobile Design Project

Again, thanks to Matteo Gasparello from ymedialabs for sharing this gem with us.

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