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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 9:

Here’s a small scene, just for you:

Pure white was everywhere. The sun was reflecting off of the the blue-tinted glaciers, and making it difficult to adjust to the landscape that lay all around. Though it wasn’t like he hadn’t been here before.

The ship was grounded, at least for the next couple of days or until they got free of the ice. And, his instincts told him that something other than the ship, wasn’t right. He scanned the entire area, there was solid land he could walk on just beyond the port rails; as solid as a thick glacier could be. He was standing near the mast, before he started moving towards the port side.

He started gauging the distance, and the amount of solid ice around him that would allow him to walk freely without being concerned about his last icy shower. And then, just like that he jumped over the rails, and set foot on the ice. Those that were on the deck, and witnessed this almost cried out. Well, they were going to cry out, but he was so quick that they didn’t, and their cries turned into gasps instead. Some of them even manage to recover from their gasps, and run towards the same railing, wanting to witness the icefall. They somehow looked disappointed, they’d thought he would’ve broken a leg or two in the bargain. Instead, he was walking well on both of his feet, with hands in his pocket. The contrast of his thinly frame, with a black suit, no thermals, no sweater, no wool, along with his wiry arms in his pockets, and him leaving thinner footprints as he proceeded away from the ship, made the entire scene look like a surreal painting from one of those surrealist exhibitions in a surreal place like Paris.

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