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NaNoWriMO Writing Prompt - Day 19:

I like layering stories; with metaphors, symbolism, clichés, and what may have you.

Here’s a prompt, as an example:

An entire ocean set the tone of the divide. Culture, race, traditions, color, and everything else in the void that made them different, were only after-thoughts that adapted to currents under the vast seas. Then a time came when ships were built to reach out, to overcome the same currents. Thus he set sail, carrying his yearnings, expectations, and all that made him who he was. Along the way, he too changed; adapting to the currents of sea, and of the skies. By the time he reached the other shores, time had gone by. He was not who he was when he had started on his journeys. Evolution, survival, and self preservation they called it. After years he found himself standing in front of her. Like him she too had changed. The Sun had become frighteningly brighter, although the sunshine bore the same warmth. The moon stood naked in front of her, eclipsing the universe; wondering if she could burn his scars; wanting to crash into her, surrendering his individuality. Suddenly, he heard her whispering into his darkness: “Can you fix me?” Everything had changed, yet nothing had. He yelled into her fires: “The thing is, there’s nothing to fix

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