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Day VIII of NaNoWriMo:

You’re on a spaceship, which has been traveling for 500 years to reach a planet in another system. You’re traveling with your partner, and both of you’re in animated suspension. The destination planet is a lot like Earth, and has been deemed fit by the Governments here for inhabitation, and occupation.

Not much is known about this planet except that it can support human life, and almost all life on Earth. It’s about 4 times the size of Earth. Tests, and research that the International Space Organisation carried out, ruled out any possibility of intelligent life there on this new planet.

Your ship computer has just woken you two up. Your ship is on red alert status for some reason. You’re disoriented, and somehow manage to get to the command console, to know what’s going on. The ship’s radar picks up rocket like projectiles heading your way from this planet’s surface.

What do you do?

Write, and share it with us!

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