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Day V of NaNoWriMo:

“No Person Is Born Great. Great People Become Great When Others Are Sleeping.” - African Proverb.

Most of this year has been sleepless, more than usual. When I first read this quote sometime ago, I asked myself if it did help me become “great”, losing all that sleep to do things I’ve always been wanting to for a long time? The answer I got back from myself was something like this - I don’t think anyone can become great, I may never become great, I don’t even know what it becoming a great person even means.

What I do know is that it feels great, to finally achieve all the goals you’ve set out for yourself to achieve. Yes, you do feel sleep deprived; yes, you do have days when you just want to shut everything down, and sleep. But, all of that loss of sleep, compared to how you feel when you finish something you set out to do - is nothing. And if you happen to sleep the next day, the sleep feels well earned to.

What are your thoughts on that quote? Write, and do share, won’t you?

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